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When to Incorporate Isolation Exercises?


Bench 325
Squat 345
Dead lift 550

The only Isolation exercises I do are dumbbell curls.

Would I see any more benefits from adding in other exercises or is simply lifting more in compound lifts enough?

I don't want to burn out with isolations that will prolong recovery if they wont help that much.


uh some replies please before I go workout :slight_smile:


Well, isolation work will actually bring up weak links in your chain. The day I started incorporating isolation work for my delts, tris, hamstrings, etc...what do you know...my bench, overhead press, squat, and deadlift all went up...and I added size everywhere.

Why neglect part of the whole?




thanks sherlock


what accessory work do you do?


and this too.


Accessory work.

Back Rows, Pullups
Legs extensions

that is it.


If your primary goal is strength you can probably benefit from doing a few months of isolation/bodybuilding type routines every so often. If size is your goal then do it even more often. If bodybuilding is your goal then your question is dumb.


I love focusing on big compounds - the smaller muscles do grow.

I moved from a 5 day split routine, onto a 4 day (upper, lower, rest, upper, lower) split. Focusing on deadlifts, squats, weighted chins, flat bench, close grip bench, barbell curls, military press. That's all, no isolation work.

My calves got bigger, rear delts got bigger, as did my forearms.


Oh look, this again.

To answer your question... Do isolation work.


This will get you started with a good notch of common sense.



GTFO of here with this bullshit.

OP is a troll, his #'s are bullshit and this thread should be nuked from the face of the earth.


I was gonna say as much... I thought you had to do at least more accessory work than that to put those numbers up, especially 550 dead with leg extensions as an accessory movement...

btw beans wtf is everyone still in deload mode in the race to 600 thread?


haha... Pretty sure like 9/10ths of them just got done with meets


and you're swamped with work and family right? ehhh that's a great thread, very inspirational. I hope you all get back into it soon.


Been on this site for some time and still can't believe the arrogance of some of the posters.

How do I lifts so much?

hmmmm let me think surely bench pressing week after week will increase my bench press. I don't do single handed dumbbell Swiss ball presses like you guys but my method works.

king beefs program is ok but I know what workout works well with me....I don't need a workout.

I am merely asking if Isolation work will help seeing as the bench will work my entire chest anyway...

What is the point of repping 280 finishing the workout and then doing 80 lb dumbbell fly's if they won't do much except prolong my recovery.


because you posted in bodybuilding, where the point of what we do is to build and sculpt our bodies.

do you have any vids posted of these lifts or any lifts in competition?


I would say the best time to incorporate isolation exercises is when you lift weights.


Well. This is the bodybuilding forum therefore I assume your goal is bodybuilding therefore if your goal is bodybuilding then why are you asking if you should do Isolation work? That's like being a power-lifter and asking if you should incorporate bench, dead-lift and squats or if isolation exercises are enough....