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When to Incorporate HIIT/Tabatha


Hey guy's, been bulking through the winter. Now it's heating up looking to get into some better shape with some HIIT/Tabatha work. Changing program from upper/lower split to 3x full body and diet has been adjusted accordingly.

Question is;

How often and when should i add my HIIT/tabatha sessions?

Should they be added on to end of weight training each time?

On my off day's from training?

How many day's is ideal?

I like training everyday, but realise ones body needs rest to repair and improve.



Every other session should be good, although three times a week would probably be fine too. You are going to want to do them at the end of your workouts. If you really like training everyday, you can do some sort of 10 minute bodyweight circuit or some kettlebell work on your "off" days for a little bit extra burn.