When to Have Shakes Exactly?

I was wondering if the exact time you drink your protein shake matters. When I first started lifting a over the summer, I was told that I should have my protein about 10-30 minutes after my workout (the sooner the better). I see a lot of people drink protein shakes while working out and before working out and I was wondering what time gives the best results.

If you read a lot of stuff by Will Brink and Charles P. they actually recommend you make one big heaping shake of 80g dex +40g protein and drink half before/during the workout and half after. Give it a shot.

There are many articles on T-Nation regarding peri-workout nutrition, just use the search function.

Bottom line - there’s no “best” time, it’s best if you provide nutrients to your body at all those times.

What I used to do: any protein shake before workout (maybe 15 minutes or so, not immediately before). Then a full serving of Surge immediately after workout, no delay.