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When to Have Protein Shakes?

Should I be having my protein shake before or after my workout and how long before/after? Read very mixed stuff online

Whenever you want. You shouldn’t treat it differently than regular protein like a chicken breast, excepted that it’s digested faster

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Okay cool, Should I also have a protein shake on my rest days?

If you don’t have enough protein sure!

When are you eating relative to the workout?

If you’re going hours between food and lifting or hours between lifting and food, when you drink your shake could make more of a difference.

If you’re getting your nutrition real steady with 6 meals, eating every 2 hours, timing of the protein shake doesn’t matter much.

This is true for almost all weight lifting, bodybuilding, training advice and its been that way forever. I used to get really frustrated about the conflicting advice given.

Personally, I add a shake to my routine for easy, clean calories and for convenience. Since I commute an hour each way, I have a quick breakfast at home, then follow up with a shake at work followed by a solid lunch that afternoon. Again, since I drive an hour back home and go the gym right after I get home, I have a shake on the way home so I’m not hungry at the gym.

My point is, is that shakes are super convenient and should be used when whole food is difficult or time limited.


6 meals is unnecessary and possibly counterproductive.

Depends on what kind of protein shake. You should be having fast-acting protein (whey or hydrolyzed casein) along with fast carbs during your workout for optimal performance and recovery.

Again, depends on the type of protein. Whey or micellar casein can be fine, but more importantly, it’s relative to your overall diet like aldebaran and stud said. A between-meal or with-meal protein shake can be convenient, but isn’t always necessary.

What are the drawbacks of the 6 meal plan?

Breeds needless anxiety. Is not optimal for protein synthesis. Inconvenient. Elevates insulin over a prolonged period of time.

What about 5?

I can see the anxiety and convenience points but dude, the rest of what you said is bullshit.

Says who ? You ? A protein supplement company ?

Look up “Lyle McDonald meal frequency” and become a little less ignorant.


Lemme add this since I might be a jerk at times but I’m usually not if unprovoked: before you challenge my post, state where you got that information from. Who says eating more often has a negative impact on MPS (if that even matters at all) and insulin sensitivity (IF THAT EVEN MATTERS AT ALL)?

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I would like to hear the debate between the intermittent fasting guys vs the 6 meal guys.

Well, not really…

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Or the vegans vs the carnivores.

So many churches, so little faith. FML.

Maybe not a huge debate, just a few important points, stated respectfully. I love a little info from real people.

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