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When to Go From Bulking to Cutting

i just have a quick questions. Ive been lifting for around 4 months and i grew from 163 to 181. :slight_smile:

Almost all of it it muscle but of course some fat has been added. How long should i gain for until i should cut. Is there an amount of time that you should bulk then cut or should it just be until you hit a certain amount of weight or bf%

This depends on your goals and height. If you gained 18 lbs to get to 181 and are 5ā€™5 still lean, you might be satisfied with your look and can cut some bodyfat. If you are 6ā€™1 and skinny fat and want to look like you even lift, 181 is not going to be big enough.

Iā€™d say bulk to like 230-240 or soā€¦ then once you get your bloodwork back cut down to like 140.