When to Get Tested Without Symptoms?

I’m 37, and am looking forward to the battery of tests men are supposed to start getting later in life.

I was thinking of also getting hormone levels tested. Sometimes I’ll feel tired for weeks at a time, but usually don’t. I’ve been able to lose 30+ pounds and gain a little muscle since the beginning of the year. Of course it’s all slow going. Some of it was due to insulin insensitivity I think, but not all.

However I do notice a difference when I take TRIBEX, in many areas. Both just feeling good and everything else.

But is a round of tests normal to do when you get at or near 40? No matter what the symptoms? Or if I want to get my insurance to pay should I emphasize the tiredness. Mainly I wonder if without really bad symptoms am I throwing my money away (about a grand in tests and first doctor visit unless insurance helps which I assume they will some).

I think I found a decent clinic near me, they are at http://bodylogicmd.wordpress.com/

If I knew then what I know now I would have gotten tests done in my 20s to have as a baseline. So yes get tested if you have the funds

Totally agree, get tested.

Get tests done asap.
I tell guys in their early 30’s get tested as soon as possible, that way you will have a reference point should your numbers go downhill later in life.
The main advantage to this is if your “old” tests show 850 T level and your new tests show significantly less, your doctor should have no problem restoring your “natural” levels.
Otherwise, the doctor may give you TRT, but tell you 500 is good enough for a man “your age”. It does happen…

Get a membership at LEF.org and do a male panel and post some of the results here. If the results indicate a need, take you low cost results to your doc, otherwise, no need to spend more money.

Blood work on sale April and May.

Awesome thanks, i was prepared to shell out a grand but a quarter of that might be better … :slight_smile: The doc that’s through the other lab is right next door to where I work anyway so I can still bring that bloodwork to him.