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When to Get Bloodwork After PCT/Restart?

I’ve been on TRT for two years, but came off sometime in May. Ran a PCT until the 8th of June, of Nolvadex 20mg EOD. How long do I need to wait to get blood tests to see if I’m recovering at all?

Common sense tells me 4-5 weeks, as by then my system should be clear of any SERM, but is there something I’m missing? Thanks.

How did you feel during pct? Now?

Fine, honestly haven’t noticed a difference.

Slightly concerned as in the last week or two I’ve noticed occasional ball ‘tingles’ and twinges of pain that I would associate with shutting down (times when I didn’t have HCG whilst on TRT.

If you were recovering you would know it.

Well, no, I wouldn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking, and we wouldn’t get blood tests.

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