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When To Get A Suit/Shirt


My goal is to get to 1150-1200 before I use a suit/shirt, because I think that this will give me a good base to start from.

What do you guys think? Should I use a shirt/suit right from the start (I have lifted in 4 powerlifting meets)? Or should I wait untill I get stronger?
Thank you for your time


Get one now. To become proficient using a shirt takes a long time. Remember, you should practice like you play. Waiting until you think you are "strong enough" for a shirt is like saying you are going to wait until your free throw percentage is at 90% before you will learn to play basketball.


If you compete in a fed that uses gear, get some and learn to use it. Shirts expose weaknesses, and suits change the whole squat setup equation.

Start with single ply gear then move up.



If you have reached your maximum raw potential, maybe its time. Just don't be too dependent on it


Based on that statement, I can only conclude you don't compete.
Unless he's lifting in a raw federation, reaching a raw potential has nothing to do with competition. What is raw potential anyway? How do you know when you hit it? Did you know that training with gear can improve your raw lifts?


if you want to be more competative get some gear. If you have something to prove to yourself with a raw total don't get any gear, or get some but don't be dependent on it.

I have some raw numbers in my head that I think I can reasonably hit, and I want to hit those before I buy any equipment. Well actually looking into getting briefs as my hips get beat to shit sometimes.