When to Get a Doctor Checkup?

When should I go for a checkup with my doctor? I’m one month into my program and obviously my diet has changed. I want to see how it’s effecting my body (cholesterol levels, etc). My family has a history of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease (although, all were smokers/drinkers). Should I wait a few more months for the effects of the diet to really kick in before I check? Should I even bother if I’m feeling fine?

uhm isnt the diet that we are supposed to follow if we want to do anything T-Nation-ish supposed to be good? why would you want to get a check up?

Well, my bro got diagnosed with high cholesterol when he was around my age. When he cut back on his cheese consumption and ate better it got better. I have been eating a lot of eggs. I know I eat healthy…maybe I’m being a bit too worried, but I would like to know what my testosterone levels, etc. are like. Do most people here check that out?

Some people post here saying they have low T levels, high blood pressure, etc. I just got the impression that most people here get that checked out. However, I’m 27…maybe it’s more of the older crowd.

I can’t see how it would hurt.

Okay…so when should I go. I’m one month into the program. Is now too early?

Why not go now and see where your at? I think that it’s always good to get yourself checked out, then if your numbers are high go through with your diet and exercise and go back and check your numbers to see if that helped any.

I work for a cardiologist and see this a lot. Some, the lifestyle change is helpful, but others they may still need to be medicated. It’s always nice to see where your at and then see what your can accomplish down the road.

well i guess i always think about the money haha. but if you dont mind spending however much it costs, then sure, go. i would too if it didnt cost 50 euro every time

I live in Canada…free health care!

im jealous

I just noticed you’re from Greece…I’m Greek, but have only been there once. If I know Greek doctors, he’s probably smoking a cigarette and having some ouzo while he checks up on you.

[quote]Digity wrote:
I live in Canada…free health care![/quote]

Must be nice! Insurance in America is expensive. But it sure beats paying for 100% of the cost.

wow do you know any greek?

and yes… well maybe not the ouzo part. thats just whats known worldwide.

Yes, I know Greek. Ti kanis malaka?