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When to Foam Roll

I am looking to start foam rolling as part of a plan to fix my anterior pelvic tilt. Anyways is it better to foam roll before or after training session? Also what should I foam roll before I do a pulling session and what should I foam roll before a push session, if it matters. Also I remember foam rolling before deadlifting once and I had a shitty session, I stopped doing it after that. Could it have been a coincidence or could foam rolling really lead to slightly lowered performance immediately after? Thanks

Most likely a coincidence. I like to do it before sessions and before bed.

Lats (lay on your armpit, that spot right there
Lower back
Some type of chest stretch up to you (not with a roller obviously, if you can roll chest do it but im horrible at getting that angle)
lat stretch

Low back
Back/ Shoulders
IT band
Shoulder dislocates

A golf ball against a wall works great for hitting the pec minor. If you have kyphosis or sit at a desk, you should probably do this every day, especially before back day.