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When to Expect Stalling on Overhead Press?

Im doing a 5x5 program stronglifts, And i got up to 100 lbs 5x5 it was very difficult for me and i rested 5 mins between each set i barely got the 5x5. That was on friday today wednesday i tried 105 5x5 and only managed 2 reps. Is this normal to go from 5x5 and then 5 lbs later only manage 2 reps? im not sure if i just dint recover properly this time due to insomnia or if i have gotten as far as i can on the OHP on stronglifts.

VERY common. Strenght is not a linear progression.

You can: Do a full deload
Do a shoulder only deload (10-20%)
Drop back to where you did the actual 5x5 and re do that weight until is gets “easier”.
Move up to Madcow, if the rest of your lifts warrant it.
Change programs.

What ever you choose, look at it as a lesson, not a step back.

As JFG says, strength is not a linear progression. In fact, nothing is. There are so many factors involved here; sleep, diet, everyday life, you have good days and you have bad days. The only expectation you can realistically have is that you will create the best possible circumstances and do your best under those circumstances. If that means deloading or ‘stalling’ for a few weeks then so be it.

First time poster here lol. I’m about to enter week 8 on SL 5x5 myself, and Mehdi says OHP will be the first lift you stall on. I’m pretty sure he says leave the weight the same next time and then the next. If you don’t get your 5 sets of 5 reps that third time then deload 20%. Then when you get back to that weight a few weeks later it’ll be much easier. Then once you deload on a lift twice he recommends you go to 3x5 for that lift. So you might be on 5x5 for two lifts and 3x5 for three or whatever. Hope this helps. Also, I have the SL app on my iPhone, and it does all this for you. Good luck!

Try 105 lbs 3 times first, and if you fail at getting 5x5 the 3rd OHP session, then deload. Thats how Stronglifts is done if I remember correctly.