When to Eat Pre-Workout?

My s&c sessions start at 6am, on average how long before should i consume my first meal? I cant train on an empty stomach, typical breakfast is:

150g fruit
60g protein powder
70g rolled oats
300-400ml water

& all blended up. Gym is about 30mins away, i used to suck it about 0515, but now brekky is bigger & i want to know if theres any science behind pre workout nutrition i should know.

Since you’re training that early I like the looks of your breakfast there, plenty of carbs to replenish after the nights fast and looks to be enough to sustain a good workout.

I also work out in the morning and have almost exactly the same meal just with more oats, it works suprisingly well, although i would recommmend a blended casein/whey powder and if you can sip some protein/carb mix just before as well as the usual post work nutrition.

I use a 50:50 WPI/WPC blend… how long before you workout do you guys eat?

I think you could do just isolate if you wanted…it still will take a little over an hour to fully digest and …dont forget the oats and fruit are gonna slow things down a bit

I usually do Oats …cooked
1 Banana and about 40G of whey pre-workout…

Like you…I also workout in the morning

As long as you aren’t getting sick from the food sitting in your stomach, I think about an hour away like you have it is fine.

im trying to find a balance… i get reflux if i eat that 30mins before working out.

I usually work out first thing in the morning, which sounds similar to your situation.

I take my TRIBEX right when I wake up, and consume about 30 grams of carbs and 30 grams of protein about 5 minutes before I start working out, 30 minutes after my TRIBEX. Then I sip on my own personal workout drink with about 50 grams of simple carbs and 25 grams of whey protein.

It seems to work well for me, since I don’t crash at any time during the workout. I like getting the food in me right before I workout, because I tend to get hungry again about halfway through my workout if I take it sooner.

[quote]Donut62 wrote:
As long as you aren’t getting sick from the food sitting in your stomach, I think about an hour away like you have it is fine.[/quote]

quoted for truth.

I eat a can of beans 1 hour before I workout. Sounds silly, but its like 600 calories, with almost 30 grams of protein.


How can one be adequately hydrated working out first thing in the morning? It seems to take my body about 90 minutes to really pass through the water I drink first thing when I wake up. What is a good meal and timing pre-night workout (7 or 8PM?) Thanks.

I workout at 6 a.m. also this has worked damn well, and mix ur shake with Skim Milk… its got a bit of casein to sustain u through ur workout

1 cup of dry oats
1/2-1 cup of berries to top the oats
1 scoop of whey in 6-8 oz of skim milk