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When to Eat Fruits/Antioxidants When Building Muscle?

Did some research here on fruits and timing but still wondering the best time to include them when on a lean building phase. I’ve read some articles saying don’t include antioxidants pre or post workout - I typically workout in the mornings so maybe incorporating fruits later in the day would be better?

Dude, you overthink stuff way too much. It does not matter. Just eat the damn fruit.


best time is morning on empty stomach,

Its true. If you eat any kind of fruit within 59 minutes of training, you will lose between 11 and 62 grams of skeletal muscle, usually from the calves.


Yeah, that guy is good…

Can confirm I’ve skipped fruit day since I was born and my calves are massive

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Come on dude, just think about what you are really asking for a minute.

Fructose isnt bad for you unless eating to excess. Small amounts of fruit eat anytime.