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When to Eat After Workout?


Hi, I've been working out at the gym for 6 months now. I'm 5'7" and I weigh about 130 pounds with very little body fat. Just so you know, I'm aware that I have to eat a lot to gain muscle and I'm trying very hard.

My workout is around a hour and half, so how long should I wait before I drink my protein and eat food? I've heard that the best time to eat is between 30 to 45 minutes after a workout, is that true?


Yes it's true, eat or drink a shake right after.



Look up CT's peri workout nutrition. Also, eat a lot you weigh 130 pounds.



at 130pounds you should eat all day long to gain weight


i drink a shake on the way home from the gym and then eat as soon as i get home


As soon as you can without puking.


Could someone give me the link?



There's also a "search function" available in these here parts.


Dude, at 130lbs, this guy doesn't need peri-workout nutrition. He needs allFuckingDay-nutrition.




for the win


You should market that. Except tell everyone it's a big secret.

EDIT: you could also call it something along the lines of "the cure to being a hardgainer; eating more"




I'm eating about 2800 calories a day. I'm trying hard to eat as much as I can, but at the same time I got to watch what I eat because as much as I want to gain muscles, I don't want to damage my health by eating Burger King all the time. So do you think 2800 calories a day is enough?


You can eat much more than 2800 calories without resorting to fast food. I'm not saying you need to (though you probably do) but you can.


I'll try to eat more. Is a necessary to drink proteins on days that I'm not working out?


Protein is just food, think of it like that.


Someone all of 130lbs doesn't even need protein supplements. They need to learn what a hamburger is. Seriously. People who are this skinny yet this worried about eating clean make no sense to me. There is a difference between understanding good food choices and simply shooting yourself in the foot as far as calories because you are afraid to eat anything but some small list of specialized foods.

There is no way in hell someone who is 130lbs needs to be this concerned about how "clean" they are eating.


You're absolutely right about him needing to eat and not worry about his diet being perfect. But using a protein supp isn't going to hurt him. That being said, he should still focus on eating a ton, rather than on what supps to use.

EDIT: I think I keep coming off as advocating worrying about minutia before just eating a lot, but I'm not. Last year, I weighed 155 pounds and then decided to just eat everything in site. Now I'm sitting at about 230, so yes eating a lot is more important than worrying about what supps to use.


If I weighed 130 pounds I'd be carrying a jar of natural peanut butter everywhere I went.