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When to Eat After PWO Shake?


After my gym sessions, I drink a shake of 30g whey and 45g dextrose. Should I be looking to eat my next meal (i.e. meat and brown rice) as soon as possible after this, or leave it 30 mins, 60 mins? If I have a client to see immediately after the workout (after showering! and having my shake), will it matter if the next meal is delayed an hour post-workout?


There is little benefit in consuming liquid nutrition and then consuming solid nutrition. The liquid nutrition will still be in the stomach and the solid will delay it's absorption. But ff you struggle to meet your calories/macro's then yeah do it that way...

You are worrying about small details, gym progress is about consistent training and eating not whether you eat 30 minutes or 60 minutes after you train!




Nope. if you're already getting your quick influx of carbs n amino immediately post, waiting an hour after that sounds about perfect. In fact, that's exactly what I did for years :slightly_smiling:



The timing of your post-wo meal is probably less important than avoiding a massive increase in cortisol by things like worrying about the timing of your post-wo meal.

Just eat as soon as you've got time/ can stomach eating a solid meal.

When you're more advanced things like this may be important but right now as a relative beginner (jumping to conclusions here, apologies if i'm wrong) you just need to make sure the overall amount and quality of your food is right.


It needs to be eaten 43 minutes and 22 seconds AFTER your last SIP of the shake. Otherwise...catabolism out the ass. Bring a stop watch.


Just shut up and squat. LOL Actually a while ago in RMP, there was a guy who took in most of his calories on training days within 2 hours of working out. He attributed that to his ability to put on lots of mass without lots of fat gain.


This is what I do now...fast until I train at around 4-5pm..Drink my BCAAs..then in an hour or 2 pwo eat 2500 or so calories.


Facko, I thought you were doing a combo of backloading and IF. What kind of feeding window are you running where you fast till 4 pm? With your first meal at 6 PM, what time to you go to bed/wake up?


Lol..bro..I shit you not...I'll give you a rundown of a day..tomorrow for instance

7am - wake, coffee..get my ass to class.

Class till 9am

11am-4pm - work..stock clerk at grocery store. I consume water, coffee and some diet soda.

Drink my BCAAs and go train ~430-530pm

6pm - 830pm - Eat all of my food.


I do the same except 3300 cals and 400+ g of carbs. All cals from potatoes, rice, oatmeal, and lean pro. Minimal trace fat. All that in 3hrs post workout


It makes me even more motivated to kill it when I train..I know that amount of food awaits me when I'm done.


I assume you don't have to worry much about fat gain this way?


Although fasting and training like we described does (IMO) benefit nutrient partitioning and allow for a bit more room for excess..I do not think it's a get out of jail free card.

If you are over consuming calories at a very significant figure over what you need..I think you will assume some fat gain, no matter the schedule of eating. You can't really trump that fact.


You can certainly still gain fat. No question. Over calories still are the governing factor. If you are eating more than your body needs you will gain some fat.

I just like that way of eating psychologically. I do think it will help in nutrient partitioning as Facko said but again over all cals is the key to gaining or losing


I say this with all due respect to facko and Ryan, who are hard-working dudes. But I don't feel like those IF approaches to gaining make any sense. Maybe they do make sense, but I'm just too thick-headed to understand even in theory why it makes sense to base a gaining diet on IFing principles.

I would limit that in Ryan's case, since he seems to be taking out a second mortgage on all the Indigo stuff (just as a note, this was a joke). I don't know much about Indigo, and I won't go there on that front. I would venture to guess, however, that you would at least say that your IFing protocol that's heavy on carbs and very low on fats would not be the way to go without Indigo...?

And maybe my feeling this way about it is from my own inability to understand the logic behind IFing when one is not cutting. I know that it's extremely effective in helping one to lose weight--when I was serious about running, I used IF and had great results.

But maybe you guys can explain it in a way I can understand. When I first read the Anabolic Diet thread a little over a year ago, the AD made total sense. Whether I agreed with it or not, it at least seemed logical. My current diet basically follows the AD, although it's more in line with what MODOK does now. But whether it's good or bad, it at least made sense. The theory behind IFing....it just doesn't seem to make sense to me.

One thing I definitely understand is what Ryan said about the psychology of it. One of the reasons it helped me to lose weight when running was that I had that one period of the day to eat whatever, but then a structured aspect to the rest of my day that did not include food.


Wow. That's blowing my mind... I assume you do the same on off days.. why did you move to such a small feast window, was that during fat loss and now it's so convenient you just continue?


I am following a more carb backloading so low fats high carbs is just fine. I get enough fats still. 60g at least a day. Carb backloading can be used for gaining or cutting. If you want to read up you can its a good read and very fast. Its a way to keep insulin low for a period and spike it after training when you muscles are ready to absorb the nutrients and not fat. Or that is the premise at least.