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When to drink..

Ive got a couple of questions for you guys.I would like to split up my Surge in two.But how long should I wait before I drink my pre-workout shake AFTER my last meal?..1,2 or 3 hours after?And one more thing..should I drink it before..or hvile Im training?Thanks(Exuse my english…I`m Norwegian)

I prefer to slowly sip on it during training.

2-3 hours after a P+F meal according to Berardi. And I like my half dose before I train, just a few minutes before though.

I sip on a 3/4 scoop of Surge in .5 Liter of water while training… Then immediately after training i use 2 scoops in .5 Liter of water…
I usually shower and relax for 1 hour. Then its time to eat my next real meal…