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When to Drink Surge?

Hey everyone.

I have recently switched recovery drinks from MM to Surge. I still use the Muscle Milk pre-workout, as a meal replacement sometimes, and on cardio days. Surge is far superior for post workout.

My question is when to drink it for optimum effeciency. It always gives me a serious sugar rush if I drink the entire serving post workout. Should I consider 1/2 before workout and the other 1/2 after the workout? Any ideas?



You can do half before and half after. Or divide it into thirds and do one before, one during and one after. Or you can do all of it after your workout. Try one for a month and see how it works. Then try another method for a month. Then try the third method for a month. See which one worked best and use that.

Tom, David Barr, one of the contributors here on the site, has long been an advocate of PRE-workout nutrition. I like Nate Dogg’s recommendation of cutting your Surge into thirds, drinking one before, one during and one after. If you’re above 200 pounds, you should be drinking 3 liters, anyway.

Make sure you have your whole-food PWO meal made and ready before you go to the gym so that you can consume it if your blood sugar levels start to drop.

You PWO whole-food meal should be a starchy-carb P+C meal. Starchy carbs are defined as brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, amaranth, sweet potatoes or yams.

I personally have half midway through my workout and the rest upon finishing, this method has worked best for me as I have a small snack within a half hour of starting my workout. As Nate Dogg said try different methods and you will see for yourself. Awesome supplement though get ready for it!!

When I was bulking, I had 1/2 serving before, 1/2 during, and 1 full serving after workout. Now I am leaning out a little for summer and I am having 1 1/2 serving total. I split it into two 3/4 serving water bottles. I have one half of that 3/4 serving right before lifting. One half during.

So that’s 3/4 of a serving of Surge. And I have another 3/4 with a scoop of Power Drive, creatine and BCAAs post-workout. For a total 1 1/2 serving. It’s working great. Losing fat steadily and maintaining strength and muscle. And recovering quite well.