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When to Draw Blood When on Twice/Day Cream?

Quick question. When is the proper time to draw blood if I apply Test cream twice a day? (morning, evening). Thanks in advance!

I does not matter.

I personally would draw evening. I only apply once in the morning around 7:30 am and draw around 5 pm. I dont want my protocol based off a peak when i could be lower later and the day isn’t over yet.

What about before application in the morning?

4 hours after you apply is what add Nichols suggest. Because free t and DHT are at peak.

It’s not going to be that much lower. You will sit at a good healthy level until the next morning if you applied in am day before .

Point of two applications a day is to hold fairly stable levels. You want peak not trough. Maybe later take it one hour after application or before application but how’s that going to help. If you feel like you don’t have enough free t take a tad bit more daily .

According to the absorption case study that Nelson Vergel put up over at excel it appears to drop somewhat fast. The graph shows that after 16 hours you are at nearly 50% of peak. Going by that study I don’t believe you would have good healthy level the next morning. Yes applying twice a day will mitigate that some (I tried to do twice a day, doesn’t work for me).

When you guys apply twice a day how far apart do you space your applications?

When I have my blood taken I have dropped about 30% from peak according to that study which is significant. I don’t want to know what trough is, as that is right before I apply and believe it would be damn near zero. But I do want to know where I am at later in the day as I still want to be active after work and would rather be optimized to be able to do so more effectively. Especially when I am an evening gym goer.


Are you saying to go to injections?

I would like to just for what I feel would be more convenience. But injections are more expensive for me and I feel good right now and don’t want to fuck up a good thing.

If you are going through a regular Dr they are only like $25 a month from the pharmacy with no insurance. You said using cream multiple times a day doesnt work for you but you want constant optimization for nighttime gym sessions then you could go to injections or pellets.

I pay $40 for close to 3 months on cream and injections would bump me up to $60. Not a lot of difference I know but it is a difference. Not looking for constant optimization just want to be in a decent spot most of the day. Like I said though, I feel good right now so why mess with a good thing.

You are litteraly basing this decision on $0.22 a day. I thought i was bad procrastinating switching to defy over an extra like $1500. I am paying like $2k for TRT and $2600 for my other medication. A year.

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Also you should want to be optimum 24/7 thats a perk of being on TRT. Do you want to be low at night when you lay down with your spouse?

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Haha i know, but i’m a cheap ass. If i wasnt feeling good though it wouldn’t be an issue.

I feel fine when i get down with the wife so its not an issue either. Wasnt before TRT, never has been.

Twice a day. 12 hours apart

Ok that’s ignorant. Scrotul Cream is jsut as good if not better than injections .

If one doesn’t know what scrotul is and why it’s awesome research it. Check out the lifting dermatologist on YouTube.

Im sure it does work I just couldnt see myself lathering up my balls twice a day unless its in the shower to shave them. Its just inconvenient. I did gel for 3 weeks and switched because it was a giant pain in the ass. Now if you have all kinds of free time for that twice a day then thats great. Even on an ED protocol its still less time consuming and restrictive that once a day cream. I could literally inject during the drive to work in a pinch. Definitely could not see myself ass naked cruising the highway at 5am with one foot up on the dash painting my balls then trying to fan them dry. Like i said it’s all personal preference if you want that whole natural rythem go with topicals. If you want constant 24/7 steady levels go with frequent injections

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Depends on the quality of your cream. What type of Test is being used and what is the dose. My doc and his patients have zero issues. Our free t peaks much higher than anything injections can do at a similar dose.

I’ve been taking 2 clicks am and Pm. That’s 100. I feel great until I wake up.

Check out the most recent scrotul cream video on the lifting dermatologist on you tube. This new video has some info on what type of T should be used in the cream. The wrong type of cream does not absorb into blood stream and is ineffective.

Also I’d the pharmacy doesn’t create a quality product it can have inaccurate dosing.

Over thinking… it doesn’t lather because it’s a very small amount of cream brother. Two clicks is like two pea sized drops that you massage in and ten seconds later nothing is really visible.

So your saying that the cream they used is not as effective that they used in the study? Yours is far superior? I don’t get some of your arguments man. Especially when its a study you use for your arguments. The quality of cream and mix will affect actual absorption but the test is going to metabolize the exact same once it is in the system if its not cleved to esters. Or are you now saying some are estered?

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