When to Do Tabata Method?

I’m looking to start to try using this to lose some fat and I’m not sure when would be best to do this. I’ve searched the site about it and judging be the posts of people that have tried it I feel like it should almost get its own day. I was going to try it today after my workout (back/tris) but I think after doing deads and the rest of my workout they would more beneficial on another day.

So do you think it would be best to go up to the gym and do a couple sets of tabata on their own day or combine it with something else?

Tabata is a protocol, not an exercise, so it depends on what you are doing for your tabatas. Pushups and bw squats probably won’t be too bad whereas dumbell thrusters and snatches might be better on their own day.

Do it when you’re ready to absolute give it 5/5. It’s a very, very tough way to train.

In my experience, which has been mostly squats w/ 115, Tabata is good enough for it’s own day. I usually only do it as compared to a BB style workout if I am pressed for time, but recommend it to those wishing to lose weight at a faster clip. Some warm-up complexes may help, but Tabata, in a full body exercise, is THE SHOW for the day.

Best of luck in your training.

Thanks for the insight guys. I decided to do the tabata using thrusters today after I did 15 minutes of rowing and 15 minutes of biking. It was much harder than I expected but that’s a good thing. I think I’ll keep that going once a week for the next month or two and see what kind of good it does me.

try doing thrusters, then rowing, then biking next time. you might get better results.