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When To Do HIIT?


I'm trying to increase my vert, get stronger, and gain some muscle for basketball. But I also want to get rid of some excess bodyfat. I heard the 2 best ways to do this is to do a pre-breakfast jog and to do HIIT.

I plan to do the pre-breakfast jog everyday. But on what days should I do HIIT? My schedule looks like this:

Sunday- jog, basketball, fullbody weightlifting
Monday- jog, light basketball, core work
Tuesday- jog, basketball, fullbody weightlifting
Wednesday- jog,light basketball, core work
Thursday- jog, basketball, fullbody weightlifting
Friday- jog, light basketball, core work
Saturday- jog, basketball


This is why I need to publish my off-season training e-book fast...


Hell I say use the basket ball as HIIT. Run the court then shoot the ball around. Lay up work etc. for a minute or two the sprint the court again, etc etc.. Might as well use the skills practice as HIIT as well.


baller you are freaking crazy your cramming so much stuff into a week with 0 days for rest and you want to cram EVEN MORE, and fasted cardio and hiit as well? no offense but you need to read a bit more because your heading for poor results


Not just bad results, but begging for injury as well!


Notice how he asks the same questions each week or two and posts them on the different forums asking for different answers? When he could be reading the articles and following some of the programs already listed here.