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When To Do Deadlifts?


I was just wondering, when should i do deadlifts? I have only done them a couple of times, but never really included it into my routine. What body part should i do this exercise with? legs? back?

And another question is how often should i do it? I was reading about it and most of the articles I read say not to do it every week. So should I do it every other week or once a month or even farther apart than that? Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanx


I deadlift heavy and hard once a week. I also have a bar in a spare bedroom and I deadlift periodically throughtout the day, everyday.

Deadlift when you can and when you'll do it, in short. If that means making it the main effort of a whole body workout, then do it. If it means doing them as part of "back" or "leg" day then have it at.

Or don't do them at all. There's no hard and fast rule that you have to deadlift, although I like them and think they're useful so I do them.

Figure it out by trial and error, it's half the fun.



Deadlifts have their own day for me. I do a few sets of alternate grip shrugs and calves afterwards, but that is about it. I do them on Friday so they don't mess with Monday's squats.

Deadlifts fall in the same category as squats. Yes, you can make progress without them, but you'll do better with them.



i do em once a week on back day. but what do i know...


I do them on leg day, but I don't think it matters.

As long as you back and legs are fairly fresh on the day, it's a good day to deadlift.


i do them on deadlift day

i also call this day my back, hams, lats, spinal erectors, glutes, calves, traps, and abs day, but that's just me ... what do i know?



I do deadlifts thursday. It is the only exercise I do that day. You could call it leg and back day.

How come many people say "don't do deadlifts every week", but they don't mention squats?. I find squats far more taxing on my body than deads.


I like Bastard's reply, I do them on Deadlift day too.



I do em on Monday, when it seems like I have to a billion things I have to do but don't want to but actually really want to do.

Does that make sense?

Dan John rip-off from Staley Bootcamp:

If you have to eat a plate of frogs...Eat the biggest one first!!

The simple wisdom of old men...


Ahhh, I usually do light deadlifts most of the time on when I do my squats, I go heavy on the squats because squats and deadlifts are kind of the same thing to me and to mr. simmons so you know I kind of trust him when it comes to this. I will once and awhile do a heavy deadlift for max, other than that I usually don't lift a lot.


To the original poster,

I hope you get our drift ... this is not just mass e-sarcasm. The point is this: think movements rather than bodyparts.

Two more ways to look at it:

(1)what on your "leg day" could be more important than deadlifts? squats? ok, but it's extremely difficult to both squat AND deadlift in the same session with any intensity. answer: get a "deadlift day"

(2) what on your "back day" could be more important than deadlifts? pullups? rows? ok, but once again, bullshit, same reason. answer: get a "deadlift day"

with good intentions,


ok, thanks a lot everyone. I guess ill be adding a deadlift day to my routine. I just wasnt sure when to do it because i never have before. But thanks a ton.


dude, just because i think it is the best idea ever in the free world does not mean that you have to do them.

(yes it does)

some guys are built for deadlifting ... other guys are built for back squatting. i at least advise having a solid day dedicated to one or the other each week. in my old age, i prefer a front-squat day and a deadlift day but advise against squatting heavy AND deadlifting heavy in the same week for more than about a month. so, try deadlifting for a while. give it a serious go. but, above all, be safe with it. start off by reading Cressey's or Robertson's deadlift article on this very site.

good luck,


I only learnt how to do deadlifts today but I have to say, this exercise is going to BE my legs routine.

I have never had such jelly legs in my life. Nothing is sore but my hamstrings know they have been worked hard.


I agree with Bastard....I don't think many can deadlift and squat heavy in the same week for any longer than 3-4 weeks at a time. Most lifters I know who do...such as Jeffrey Vaughn....cycle deadlifts utilzing a 2 on 1 off approach and squats witha 3 on 1 off approach.

I also think it depends upon your build...if you are built to squat...then squatting heavy will not be as taxing on your body as someone like me who has femurs that could double as pole vaults and a long lower back to match.


kudos to yet another girl that is deadlifting ...

"but won't that give you a blocky waist?"



ok, i really plan on adding this day in but i just have one more question, what kind of a routine do i do this day, like as far as the number of sets and reps. right now i am trying bulk up, if that makes any difference in the routine, thanks again


it isn't really just something to add ... serious deadlifting should be a core to your program ... what does the rest of yours look like?


They're good but hardly indispensable. You can make great gains and never do one in your life.


Second that. I think as far as bodybulding goes--not powerlifting, of course--deadlifts are last of the Big 6 in terms of efficacy.

Just my opinion, though.