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When To Do Cardio?


HEy guys,

So I am starting to walk in the morning just like a 30-1 hour long walk, fast pased. On my off days I tend to need to get out and do something. So my question is when should I be running or doing my cardio? Should it be after I eat lunch, after I eat supper, or should it be before supper? Or should I not be a little girl about it and just do it cause it doesnt really matter?




I'm a huge proponent of first thing in the morning cardio. Specifically, for fat loss. So if you're already walking in the mornings on your 'on' days...I would do the same thing on your 'off' days...but I'm not quite sure what you mean by on and off.

Walking, running, HIIT, chasing squirrels, whatever...it all kicks ass in the morning dude! Good luck



First off... Do cardio WHENEVER YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Any cardio is better than no cardio. I'm about to run here at 12:00 midnight. Don't think that "Uh oh...it's not faszted so it won't do anything, i might as well skip it"

Just do the cardio, if you can do it fasted, great...if not, who cares. Calories burned are calories burned.