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When to Do Bloodwork During PCT?

Say I had the opportunity and wanted to get bloodwork during PCT to see if the SERM is legit and working. When would be the appropriate time?

In other words how quickly into PCT could I get bloodwork to see if it has raised my testosterone?

If you are not worried about the cost of the blood work then in order to know if your SERM is working and raising your test level, you would need blood work right at the beginning of your PCT then later to compare. The only thing is even at the beginning of your PCT you have residual synthetic test levels and once your body removes the ester those blood test can not discern between natural and synthetic test. Really you would have to have some way to test natural production at the beginning of PCT then get the same sort of test later to see if production is up. There is no test that shows production only the levels in the blood.

Now for your situation really we can assume that at the the beginning of PCT you will be at a very low production level if any at all. So by about week four of PCT the residual synthetic levels should be so low that they won’t throw off a total level test. Now getting blood work at four weeks and seeing tiny levels of test doesn’t mean the SERM isn’t working it just means you have only recovered X amount of production. So blood work around 4-6 weeks after PCT starts would be a timeframe where you should see some levels but they might be real low and that just means you still need recovery time. The end of PCT doesn’t mean you should be back to natural production levels as if you never took the cycle. At that point you just need some production and then the rest of your recovery, which takes MONTHS, to recover to where you are close to pre cycle levels of natural test.

I hope my response didn’t confuse you. Basically around week 4-6 after PCT starts you should see some level of test but again it might be very low which doesn’t mean your SERM is not working.

I see what you mean. I guess it’d be a waste of money, although what about getting a test towards the end of the PCT? Would that not mean I can see if the serms have raised me up to baseline or slightly above? I’m aware that they fall once the serm leaves your system, but wouldn’t that be a good way to see if the serm kicked up my HPTA on say week 5-6 of PCT, since there would be close to no amount of synthetic testosterone in my system?

See you said baseline, I seriously doubt you will be at or near baseline until the end of your recovery, which can take months. Now at the end of PCT or something close to that you should have some test and as long as you have some then your body is on the path to recovery. If there is no test at the end of PCT then you have issues. Really if you are in the “low end” of natural production at the end of PCT I would think that is great. Heck if you are close to low end that would still be good.