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When to consume Fats?

Lately I have been reading various T-Mag articles that provide important information about consuming more good fats in one’s diet. I understand the reasoning behind replacing some Saturated Fats with more Mono&Polyunsaturated Fats. What I wanted to know is there an ideal time to consume good fats and with what meal combination is it best to add fats to(Protein&Fats, Protein&Carbs). Any helpful hints from the T-Mag staff and anyone else with thoughts on this topic? Thanks CRAIG

You wouldn’t add fat to your Protein plus Carb meal, because that would defeat the purpose. I eat two fat meals a day, between carb meals. NOT first meal in the morning, but possibly last meal at night, or second to last, with last being a cup of cottage cheese. Just get some Udo’s Choice oil and eat it twice a day with some protein and peanuts.

Guys with fast metabolic rates, so called hardgainers and people who use classic bulking techniques (T-Mag’s Get Big Diet)- add equal amount of fats to all 6-8 meals during the day. Massive Eaters and Don’t Dieters add fat to protein meals. Try not to mix fats and carbs for obvious reasons.

I think that John Berardi is going to address this soon…John I think it would be a great article fo you to do on your protocols for fat consumption…timing…breakdown…etc…