When to Combine Biotest Supps vs Spacing Out?

Without going into infinite detail, Looking for input in regards Which of the following Biotest Supps should be taken stand alone vs combining ?

Alpha Male
Carbolin 19

Are you asking about an overall stack or when to take them during the day, or both? What is your current goal?

I’ll be happy to help dial in the best approach for you with additional info.

Here’s some general advice in the meantime.

You wouldn’t want to or need to take Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, or HOT-ROX together as they all contain forskolin. You would be best served picking the one that fits your current goal the best.

You can take Indigo-3G with all of those. However, if your goal is fat loss, I’d start with Indigo-3G and save adding HOT-ROX until your progress stalls.

Rez-V and Curcumin can be taken with all of them without issues. I, personally, space my Rez-V and Curcumin out from my Indigo-3G to avoid any absorption issues. But this may no longer be even an issue. I need to check out the most recent science on that subject.

Thank you for your reply. I should have rephrased which ones are ok to take together and which to take at separate times of day.

I’ve got those in my arsenal, but only using Alpha Male, Rez-V, Curcumin and Indigo-3G at this time. For diet, I was on maintenance phase Nov through April, and now on a fat loss phase. Nothing aggressive, bout 1lb week loss. Besides that, One of My goals is to also bump up my T levels. Had bloodwork done, Started Alpha Male In April. Plan to stay on it till end of September, and then getting my T levels checked again.

Supps protocol, Alpha Male first dose first thing in morning before meal, then breakfast about 1 hour later along with my Rez-V and Curcumin. 2nd dose of Alpha Male about 7 hours after first. my Indigo-3G dose before dinner or my pre workout shake.

As you mentioned, HOT-ROX will probably get incorporated last, once I finish Alpha Male, switch to Carbolin 19 for 60-90 days, and then will reassess if HOT-ROX is still needed.

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Thanks for the detailed information!

It sounds like you have a pretty dialed in plan. I don’t think I would change a thing. You already have Rez-V and Curcumin separated from Ingido-3G (and again, I’m not sure if that is even something to be concerned about these days).

I like to take a dose of Alpha Male at bedtime after reading something from CT years ago about it possibly enhancing the overall T boosting effects.

Looking forward to your T level results, and how everything else works for you!

Thanks. I’ll have to search the site about the Alpha Male evening dose. Currently I alternate between Z-12 and ZMA for my bedtime routine.

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