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When to Clean and Snatch for Hypertrophy?

I would like to add some olympic lifts to my upper/lower hypertrophy routine. I know these are “full-body exercises” but if you had to, would you perform them on your upper or lower bodypart split?
Thanks in advance.

Man… I would perform them using an olympic-training routine. They’re so taxing on the CNS, they really should be on their own split all together. Look some stuff up around here, I don’t know any articles by name. Adding some oly lifts can definitely trigger some hypertrophy and strength gains, so get on them!

Do them first thing in the workout and keep the reps and volume low if you want to include them in splits. Three sets of three reps as work sets works great. Keep it progressive.

This approach works well when done everyday you workout. I recommend keeping it simple and focusing on one lift at a time until you plateau then switching the lift.

Clean and front squat,hang and power cleans, and clean and push press are also great assistance lifts that you can sub in for variation and plateau busting.