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When to Check Testosterone Levels for Low Reading?

I am 150ibs. first time using test cyp. I used 200mg once a week for one month. ( Ik I fucked up and should have had 2 cc for great results but just wanted to try it) my question is after the seven day mark on week for ( last shot) when should I have my levels checked to be the lowest I want to have low test levels so I can go to the doctor and get a prescription for myself I hate over seas and under ground I would rather get it straight from the doc. Please your answers and any info will be greatly appreciated. Btw experienced anabolic user but only with test tren and halo. I fucking love halo!!!


a 20 character troll, at that.

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Got anything helpful?


First you said you’re 150 lbs. red flag. then you said first time using test cyp. and your dose was WAAAAY low. red flag. Then you said you’re an experienced user and you’ve used tren and halo. You’re probably just lying about all of this. If you’re not lying, and all of these things are true at the same time, AND you don’t even know when your test levels will be at their lowest, then nobody can help you. Your intelligence is less than that of a rock.