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When to Check my Blood Levels After Changing Protocol?

Been on T for over a year now. Went from creams to injections every 2 weeks, every week and for the past 2 weeks have switched to twice a week. Should I wait 6 weeks before checking my levels ?

Maybe yes, also do it on the day before injection.

Why did you leave the cream? Everybody seems to be so happy with it…

Family was scared mostly from cross contamination, plus sometimes I would forget.

Dude, this is not serious. What creme do you refer, the 20 percent creme applied on the scrottom?
Or some shitty gel?

Normally you apply it at morning on your balls, 4 hours I think you can keep your dick not fucking your wife, you go to work whatever so what contamination?

Gel on the arm. My personal preference dude is now neeedles

Man, the gel is not creme. The gel is bulshit but the creme is great. Do some research about scrotal cremes

Gel most of the time is only enough to shut you down leaving you with less testosterone than you had naturally. Sadly doctors are dupped by pharma reps and told to draw it out as long as possible. Andergel is the least effective version of TRT, it works well for a very small percentage of men.

Scrotal cream is 10 times more absorption than gels, but in my opinion is not going to fit my lifestyle.