When to Cheat?

Arrright…I’m looking for some opinions on this one. I would say that my form when I’m working out is pretty solid (I work out in the gym that I personal train in, so I am setting an example), but sometimes I feel I may be sacrificing that little extra stimulus that could be the key to faster progress. Now that I’m doing a bit more of a bodybuilding type workout, I make sure to really focus in on the muscles being worked and train with a slower tempo. However, I usually get to a point where I can’t keep that same tempo for the lift, but can push/pull a few more reps with my buddy Mo Mentum’s help. Without a workout partner (I hate people who over-spot), I figure this is the best way to really push my muscles to the max (plus, when I do cheat, I can still maintain focus and make the target muscles take the brunt of the work)…So, to the point - what’s the general consensus on form here? Totally strict and focussed, or just lifting f’ing heavy weights? I’m interested in responses from everyone, but especially those who are more into bodybuilding versus pure OL or powerlifting. Thanks in advance.

In my mind, the only time to cheat a rep is when you’re pushing negatives without a partner.

I try to stay strict with my form and tempo for the most part, but I will often be able to do another rep if I speed the tempo up a bit. I would say that tempo is important and perfect form is important, but it is definately ok to speed up the tempo once in a while to finish out a set. I do it quite often.

thanks for the responses, guys…I always hate to “waste” a set - meaning that I could have done more than I did - so I think that the minimum cheating idea is the way to go. Anyone else want to add their thoughts?

“Just lift the damned weights.” :slight_smile: Look at the problem this way: it is better to lift it one more time and cheat than using perfect form and not doing it one more time. Pay attention to the last negative part of the movement though. You will most likely experience failure and utilize cheating during eccentric part of the movement,but you can additionally spice up the set by doing perfect negative movement after cheating during the eccentric part of the movement.

I think you need a little bit of both worlds. Every successful lifter I know does a little cheating now and then with almost every lift. The key thing is not to do it while on a calorie/carb restricted diet or on a lift that is especially susceptable to injury, especially a previous injury. I still think the majority of your training should be strict, but a little momentum is just necessary sometimes for overall improvement in strength and LBM. I would argue that with anybody.