When to Cheat/Liquid Calories

Just a few quick questions. I’m about to begin another bulk cycle. I’d like to make this a relativly clean bulk with one cheat dirty meal a week. When should I have this meal according to my toughest workout day. The day before, post workout, or the day after. I figured i’d order a large sausage pizza, it’s one of my favorite foods and should be loaded with protein and calories. Any ideas on when would be the best time to consume it?

Also I’m curious how people feel about taking in the bulk of their calories through liquids. I’ve used the gallon of milk a day before and drank alot of protein shakes while on a leaning out phase. I’m just curious if people feel this works as adequetly as eating solid whole food meals numerous times throughout the day, or if it’s ok to have 3 or 4 decent meals and take the rest through shakes and milk? Thanks again.

I’d go with post-workout.

Anyone else?

i like post work out too. make this the last meal of your day and go to town!

3-4 decent meals and take the rest through protein shakes? sounds like a good plan for cutting or bulking!

i don’t really like the idea of drinking a gallon of milk a day however.