When to Change Up from Best Damn?

Coach it’s just my first week on the best damn workout for nattys, but I’m curious as to how long I can stay on this program before it needs switched up?

If this is something I can do forever that’d just save trouble of course, but I’m the planner type so for me this question is relevant.

Also, if there’s a recommended time before changing to something else for a while, do u recommend something specific?

I realize this has to do with goals and that we all hit plateaus. My personal goal is essentially to get ripped and then maintain it long term.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Keep doing it until it doesn’t give you progress. Or when you get to bored and not motivated to do it…

Technically it’s a training style that can be done forever. You can simply change the exercises around or vary the methods while keeping the same philosophy. Most people change program too often anyway. Heck, Dorian Yates stuck to pretty much the same program from 1993 to 1997 and progressed yearly.

But I agree, when you lose motivation it might be time to change.

Ok. I intend to stay on this as written at least until January of '18, so if I lose motivation I’ll swap out an exercise here and there.
Thank you CT :slight_smile:

Coach I just saw in another thread where you were telling a guy to not focus on an end goal but to fall in love with the process.
Gotta say I like that view tons.

It made me think of this question I asked you, and answered it again.

I do love going to the gym and working hard, and trust results to follow.

NEXT question is:
You have an article about v-taper that has muscle snatches into overhead carries. If YOU were going to use those for a period in the BDW, where would u out then and what would you replace with them?

Because I really like the BDW, and because it’s clear you know WTF you’re doing, I’m going to stay on the BDW until forever, but am curious about way in the future, how one would make such slight changes that would help me do targeted things within the BDW.

My first guess would be it’d go on the day with BB Bench, but you’re the man to ask :wink:

Last item: I started doing some alternated jog/run stuff about 6 hours after these workouts a few days:week. I need to burn fat and build stamina is y. I noticed after the first time I did this, I got wayyy too wound up to sleep and only totaled about 3 hrs that night. Y do u reckon that was?

Thx Coach :slight_smile:

PS: Saw your photo shoot prep pic thread - looks great. Maybe when I grow up I’ll ve thst muscular :smile:

Hi, Christian on another program suggested to do it on the overhead press day, but honestly you could do it on any pressing day.
For the conditionning, at which hour were you doing it? Christian advises not to do it on the evening, because it messes up the cortisol cycle: it is naturally low at night, to prepare yourself for sleeping. If you’re doing cardio you’ll raise your cortisol levels and have trouble sleeping.

So I would advise going at it progressively. Add the carries on one day, cardio on another, preferably the rest day. And see what your recovery is, and adjust. It’s easy to overdo cardio, I have bern guilty of this also :slight_smile:

I did the conditioning around 5pm, which was 6 hrs post workout. If I do it on a lifting day again I’ll do it 3 hrs post.
I didn’t know about the cortisol thing. What I did know was that I was pretty sure running that day had something to do with the restless night - now it makes sense, thanks.

The overhead carries are somerhing I’m tucking away for future reference just in case. I’m focusing on the BDW movements exclusively since some are new to me. BUT CT’s article about the v-taper is very good and obviously we’d all like to have a really good one, so just thought I’d ask for whenever I may want to integrate the carries. .