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When to Change Exercises

just a quick question, i have been following Blending Size & Strength : http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1807367 for the past 6 weeks, Been getting good results but strength has halted a little when should i change exercises or should i just make little changes ie grip etc…


only 6 weeks. how about little changes like adding an extra 500 calories? :wink:

i would keep the same exercises…but change the routine like ordering of exercises, split, rep schemes, the days that you are training…

also you may need to increase protein…i was stalled for awhile until i bumped my protein intake up…

ok thanks I will add some more calories and change the order of exercises on some days, i must say i love this routine.

Still wait a little bit, I believe that when strength gains stop on a new program, it means the neural adaptations have reached a ceiling and that’s when you’ll force your body into muscle growth as adaptation.

that makes sense CPefringens, i really don’t wanna stuff up anything here so ill just be patient. Things have been going really good on this program, just until last week did my strength stall. Today i have to do upper body, and i feel really good and pumped have been eating all morning (:


I wouldn’t change your routine untill your strenth fails to improve for two weaks or more. sometimes you have an off week or two. I don’t really see the need to change all your exercises every few weeks like some people do, I maybe change two exercises in a month or two. When I stop making improvements in strength I usually vary the rep range.
To answer the question, you should change an exercise when you think another exercise would better suite your goals/needs.