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When to Cease the Supplements


In a little over two weeks I'm going to the USMC's OCS. Right now I'm taking the a multi, omega 3, creatine and N02.

Non of these supplements are looked down upon by the MC, but I will not have access to them while at OCS.

One of the first things we do at OCS is a physical fitness test (which I could max out on before I started taking any supplements).

I'm asking two related questions:

1) Will my body need to "recover", or experience any kind of withdrawal from no longer taking these supplements, and if so, how long will it take? (I took them for awhile some time ago, but wasn't training nearly as hard as I am now, so I hardly noticed). In other words, should I stop taking them now, and give my body a few weeks to get used to it, or should I take them until the last min to get the most out of them?

2) How long does it take to loose the probably 7-8 pounds (I'm guessing) of water weight I'm carrying from the creatine and hemodilator.

Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.


nah I'd load up. if anything, drop the creatine but it would go against my final advice - to eat as much candy and/or alcohol as possible. have fun with it!!




Was the question just way too silly to get an answer?

Or does no one really know?



In the long run it probably doesn't matter, which is likely why you haven't received more responses.

Personally, I'd use the multi, omega 3, creatine for as long as I could. I don't use an NO2 supplement.


My concern is the physical fitness test that happens two days in. I'd like to have it timed to that I've lost the the extra water weight by then so I can crank out as many pullups as possible. I've gained a lot of strength over the past two months, but my pullups have remain stagnant, and I assume it's because I've put on about twenty pounds of not fat. I'm assuming close to half of that (at least) is probably water weight.


if you can max out the PFT.. you could literally put on 20 pounds and breeze through OCS.


I literally have put on twenty pounds since I went through MEPS. I think about half it's water weight, and I'd like to time it so it's shed before the PFT. If it only takes three days to drop, I can keep up the supplements 'till the day I ship. If it's going to take two weeks, I'd like to drop them now. Anyone have experience?


oh.. dont worry, its only the final PFT that counts anyways, and by then youll have lost all that water weight plus 30 lbs. butterbar.