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When to Buy New Bodyfat Calipers?


Hey guys, for those who use calipers, have you bought new ones at a certain time interval? I remember awhile back Christian Thibaudeau saying after awhile the spring becauses less elastic or something and therefore the readings become less accurate and/or precise.


If it's your personal set, I think they should last forever. A trainer that uses them regulary with clients may need to replace the set from time to time.


Replace them as soon as they are not big enough anymore.


get new ones after every use. we dont want no babies


LOL I did not realize people worried about this.


Get a new one when the sales are on of course!


Yeah...me too. This is one of the weirdest questions I've ever heard here.

I mean if if Christian Thibaudeau said something about springs I can't imagine this problem happening a lot and if it even does I can't imagine anyone but the incredibly elite would worry about it (would Cutler worry?)


lol believe me I never did either until he brought it up. The way he mentioned it came across like using them was pretty much useless after you've had them for awhile because they get worn and the measurements will change and whatnot. That doesn't seem to be the case with mine (which I just recently started using again)....but who am I do doubt CT :stuck_out_tongue:


Do T-Nation make their own calipers?


lol well that might explain it but I don't think they do. Anyway I was just curious, I'm not really concerned about it as I rarely use calipers anymore anyway and when I do I'm looking for precision over accuracy anyway.


That's going to be my excuse when people ask why they can't see my abs. "It's not my fault man! It's the spring on my bodyfat callipers!"