When to Begin Sutstanon 250 After Injury

175 lbs (light weight)
13% body fat
Training: for approximately 8 yrs
Diet: 200 grams protein/day, 4 meals/Day, eat as many carbs as i want/Low saturated fats/approximately 4000 calories…I know I need to eat as much as possible…just not enough time or money in my day to always accomplish that goal.

 Recently in the last two months I unfortunately acquired a shoulder injury.  I was checked out by the ortho and nothing showed up on X-ray. Basically I strained my Delts and have tendonintis in my shoulder and bicep as well...(ugh yet another injury/road block on the pursuit of bigness)  I have an order of Sust. 250 coming in within the next week or so.  

I am wondering how long I should wait to begin the 12 week cycle so i don’t F my shoulder up even more…I have taken it easy the last 2 months…lost most of my gains that I was making. I’ve been doing light stretching and started light…very light weighted movements the last few days. I still have some tenderness and discomfort in my shoulder and bicep. Would any of you experienced members on this site have any advice when to start up the cycle and if so would the cycle help heal my muscle strains or would starting this cycle to soon and lifting to get the best results of the Sust. be more detrimental to my shoulder and bicep after i finish the cycle?