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When to Apply Cream Before Bloodwork?

I’m having bloodwork done later this week. I apply T cream daily, 3 clicks.

My endo’s instructions said to apply the cream before my bloodwork. But it would only be an hour or so before my blood test, and I’m concerned applying the cream will jack up my T and he’ll lower my dose. I’m feeling really good on my current dose and don’t want to lower it.

Should I just wait to apply the cream until after the blood is drawn (last application 24 hours prior), or should I follow the instructions to a tee? Will it make a difference?

Does he not care how you feel? Are you certain its going to be high? He should understand that if its following a dose it is going to be higher.

I’m sure he does care, but I’m predisposed to higher than normal numbers. Because my SHBG is so high, my TT is already very high.

Not certain it’s going to be high, just not sure I want to run the risk of him panicking at my high TT (possibly over 2000). At the same time, I want my doctor to be able to evaluate real numbers in case I have any real health risks.

Yeah kind of up in the air here. If he does lower your dose and you dont feel as good and you tell him will he put you back up?

Good question. He seems relatively open-minded, so he might. But doctors are always worried about liability.

Maybe I should split the difference and, instead of applying it 24 hours before or 1 hour before, just apply it the night before – like 12 hours before.

What you feel is Free T and if your doc is lookng at that, like he should, he will not mind what your TT is.

The curse of the high SHGB guys.
Tou can only run a TT that high if your HCT stays below 51-52% sometimes HCT will control the max T you can run not just how you feel.
You will also have to keep your E2 and prolactin in check unless you want man boobs.

Hell when I’m blasting with 300mg/wk injections I feel like f-ing superman but that does not mean I can run that lvl year round.

IMO lying to your doc or doing something in hopes of some effect will hurt you in the long run.

This tells me he doesn’t have enough knowledge and may not be able to help manage your TRT protocol for the simple fact you may need levels above the reference ranges to ever have enough Free T, which is the unbound portion of testosterone, Total T isn’t useful without also checking Free T.

I also find it confusing that you’re supposed to have bloodwork before your shot, but after your cream application. Seems it should be consistent.

I really don’t have reason to doubt him, but I had a total T of 1989 last test (before starting T, on HCG/AI). I’m sure it’s nearing 2500 now. Free T was above range, too, but that’s all because SHBG was so high (>100).

Creams reach peak within a few hours where injections take 48 hours, with injections you want to measure trough levels, not peak.

Total T in your case should be ignored, some doctors don’t even check Total T, only Free T.

Fortunately, HCT was only 44 last test, so hopefully it won’t creep up above 50.