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When to Adjust TM?


Quick question, despite having read each of the books I'm not 100% clear when to adjust TM. Is it at the end of a 4 week cycle? Or as I'm doing the 3 month challenge at the end of 3 months? Using the formula provided in the book, and based on the reps in today's workout, my 1RM is considerably higher than the one I'm currently using for bench. I don't want to adjust it prematurely though as I know Jim's keen that things are stuck to properly.

Can anyone advise please? Thanks.


If you’re following the base program, adjust your training max at the end of each 4-week cycle. If you’re doing one of the challenges, they have their own instructions usually, but if it doesn’t specify, then stick with the every-four-weeks principle.

Don’t worry if it’s obvious that your true 1RM is way higher than your training max. Stick to the 5#/10# jumps in TM come hell or high water, it just means the program is working.


Exactly what I wanted to confirm. Okay - will do. Many thanks.