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When to Add Weight in Krypteia?

Currently I’m on the first week of the Krypteia Prep program and on the first cycle. I just wanted to clear up when you add weight. For part 1, you keep the weight at your beginning training max for both cycles. For part 2, after the 7th Week Protocol, you keep the training max the same for the first cycle, but for the second you add your 5 lbs and 10s to lift. For the third cycle, after 7th Week Protocol, you add more weight for this cycle and keep it the same for both cycles. So for bench, it’s 100 for part 1, protocol, 100 for cycle 1 of part 2, then 105 for cycle 2 of part 2, then protocol, then 110 for both cycles of part 3. Do I have this correct?

You’re close, but I think not entirely accurate.

For the “prep phase”:
Cycle 1. Use your starting TM
Cycle 2. Hold that TM and supplement the same, but push the assistance harder.

Then, change the supplemental lift to that prescribed in book (I don’t want to give the program away here), and do the “leader phase” for two cycles:
Cycle 1. Same TM as the prep phase.
Cycle 2. Up your TM 5 and 10 lbs for the upper/lower lifts, respectively.

Then, do the anchor with PR sets. This again changes the supplemental lift:

Anchor cycle (there is only a single anchor cycle): Again, up you TM again by 5 and 10 lbs from what you used in the last leader cycle.

So, the program should last 17 weeks (5 3-week cycles, plus 2 7th week protocols).

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Thanks mate!