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When to add trap training

I’m using kind of a modified westside training program and i was wondering when i could add trap training into this schedule. If anybody also has a good trap program to add please do.


Max effort exercise- good morning, front squat-4 x 4-6, lunges- 3 x 8-12, hypers- 4 x 6-8, abs


Max effort exercise- cg incline bench, incline fly- 4 x 6-8, barbell row- 4 x 6-8, decline db press- 3 x 8-12, reverse grip pulldown- 3 x 8-12


Box squats 8 x 2- 60% max, romanian deads 4 x 4-6, glute ham raise- 3 x 8-10, hypers- 3 x 12-15, abs


bench press- 8 x 3- 50% of max, bar curl- 4 x 4-6, pin press 4 x 4-6, db zottman curl- 3 x 8-12, decline db ext- 3 x 8-12

Anybody that has some advice would be appreciated.

Check out Christian T.'s trap specialization program, “The Power Look.” With some minor modifications, I’m sure that you could adapt it to be your dynamic effort lower body day. In fact, Christian answered a post on his forum regarding integrating olympic lifts (which will definitely help your traps) into a Westside-style program. Hope this helps.