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When to Add T3


I was wondering when can T3 be started in a cycle if Test-E is used as the base?

Can one add T3 during Week 1 of cycle or do you have to wait 3-4 weeks because of Test-E being a long ester?


you can add it whenever you want.. id never use it though because it's very catabolic


Just a question, didn't you use it during your cut with Shelby? Or since you were using tren, there was less chance of you going catabolic?

Also, if you don't mind could you post what you were using at that time? If not, that's fine. Thanks for your help.


I did yes, but only because I had a good amount of weight to lose in a very short period of time

IIRC, my cycle was

weeks 1-8

test E 300mg EOD
eq 200mg EOD

weeks 9-16

test E 300mg EOD
tren A 75mg EOD
masteron 100mg 3x/week

winstrol 50mg EOD

clen and t3 were upped throughout

adex .5mg EOD or letro 1.25mg EOD


whatis the reason you use adex and letro together? i actually just ordered more letro and adex to try this.


read a little more carefully



What dose of t3 did you start off at during your cut? Was 25mcg and increased weekly? Or is 25mcg not even enough to see drastic changes.



Are you at least going to get a full thyroid panel done (TSH/T3/T4/rT3/rT4) before you start monkeying around with it?