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When to Add More Arimidex?

I have been working with a specialist!
And he put me on test prop Ed for better levels(mimicks natural production 15mg Ed)!
My e2 of 72 was not fazed by .5 mg twice a week
So he put me on .5 mg Ed and told me if after two week I see no improvements change it to 1 mg Ed?
It’s been two weeks and still no benefits!

What should I do wait it out or or add 1mg Ed! He told me some guys need more and a dude my size would need 1mg since of my body mass!

Are there any symptoms? What are your test numbers like? I have read on here over and over again, not to chase some magic number but to medicate on symptoms backed by blood work.

Dumb question, is it the correct E2 test?

Man I can’t imagine you need 3.5mg of AI weekly, let alone 7mg, on a relatively small amount of test (105mg). I’d go off how you feel rather than one high e2 lab

Yes e2 sensitive and zero libido morning wood! All signs of high e2 feel I could use more armidex but crashing scares me?

My test is well over 1200 plus!

How are you over 1200 with only 15mgs per day? Any other compounds? I would consider giving your body time to adjust to a protocol before changing it to early. I would try to ride it out for 6-8 weeks before making any other changes and see what happens. I certainly wouldnt go to 1mg every day. I think it just takes time. I would even consider lowering AI and letting the body adjust from there. That is a lot for such a small test dose.

I am no expert and I would wait for more people to chime in.

I’ve heard of guys being 1500 plus on 10 mg Ed! Remember most men produce no more than 30-50 mg ew! And there test can be as high as 1000+ so if I’m producing double than a normal man why would I not be 1200 plus


Not entirely true

Natty production is closer to 5-15mg/day. Test prop is roughly 20% ester weight too. 1200 isn’t exactly the most common response to you’re dosage, though it isn’t exactly out of the park either.

And you’re sure this is estrogen mediated? How do you it’s estrogen at play here?

Everything else in range prolactin etc!

Hormones have far reaching effects beyond blood work

Test is also out of range aside from E2. So you’ve got two variables out of range. Clinical data generally indicates (sure there is a limit/acceptable ratio) higher estradiol is correlated with higher libido/sexual satisfaction on TRT

.5 mg not doing anything for me?

You havent given it enough time. You will not see immediate changes. Constantly changing protocols will only compound the issue. I would wait 6-8 weeks, then labs. At least 4-5 weeks.

Ok I thought it kicks in 2 weeks?

Just because it kicks in, doesnt mean it is some magic potion and poof you are back to feeling 100. It is going to take time for your body to adjust. I would really consider lowering that AI dose.

Also be careful for how long you are taking it. That shit is rough on the heart.

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I inject 28.6mg daily of Cypionate, my E2 is close to 80 and my dick literally wakes up twice a night looking to get beat like it’s in a Sarah McLachlan commercial. Test Prop is not ideal for TRT. Get on Cypionate or Enanthate like the rest of the us. Most everyone in the T-replacement section that started on Prop ended up on a long ester with better results.

When I started TRT using Anastrozole my libido was 1/17th of what it is now. Stopping the AI and giving it time and getting out of the high E2 mindset made all the difference. Crashing your E2 is about the worst TRT experience you can have. Taking that much AI is going to catch up to you at some point.


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I already did this 125 mg once a week! For 8 weeks nothing my e2 was elevated switched to 62.5 twice a week my e2 was elevated!
No ai low sex drive etc!

I didn’t use a ai for along time while my e2 was high I was on twice a week injections? No results