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When to Add Fat Burners?

Assuming diet and cardio are in place, how far into a “diet” should one add a fat burner? Also, does anyone have a good supp they’d recommend?

When things start to noticeably stall, and you’re really dragging in the gym. Keep in mind that MOST ‘fat burners’ are just really fancy caffeine pills. You still have to put the work in and stick to the diet. HOT-ROX was the only one where I actually felt like I had put on LBM in the process (Carbolin 19 anyone?)


I agree with Stu. All elements should be used in a progression, including cardio, more and more restrictive levels of dieting, total calories, and supplements. I have found if all are in place at once, I stall out very quickly. If I use a progression, i can move through every stall almost seamlessly.


I’ve used the new Lipo 6 Black and felt it kick in after about an hour after taking it. Meaning could feel a tingle and my body heat up.

Just add it in when you begin to stall.