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When There's Something Moving...

…under your skin at your joints, what does it indicate?

For example I recently acquired a right shoulder problem. When I place my left hand near the right AC joint and internally rotate the right shoulder, I can feel something (perhaps tendon/ligament) moving under the skin and there’s some faint rumbling noise. What can I “diagnose” based on this fact? Why if one of my joint hurts it’s always accompanied by some movement?


It could mean several things, but the simplest explanation is that you have inflammation of a tendon crossing/around that joint and it is more pronounced and rubbing due to the inflammation. In your specific situation, if you were to go with the explanation I just gave, it would probably be your biceps tendon.

But again, this is based off of some very vague information given by you and without a physical evaluation. So if you want a definitive answer, I’d recommend going to see a doctor or therapist to be evaluated in person.

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Based on my (limited) sensory perception, if there’s no redness, immobility, swelling, and heat, but only slight pain, could a problematic joint be still inflammed?

I don’t really need definitive answer BTW just want to satisfy my curiosity :wink:

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