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When Taking Testosterone, Recommend an AI?

My E2 jumped to a 55. I have the lab work showing it. Your body is going through huge changes. It is trying to balance itself. Let it work. Trust the process. Find stuff to keep you busy.

alright will do. Hopefully everything works out, thank you!

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No worries.

So what I was saying is out minds do these dirty things to us and play tricks. We get a idea stuck in our heads or a fear of something and next thing you know we litterally cause ourselves to manifest symptoms related to whatever it is we were fearing.

In your case that’s gyno. So now that you have the idea of estrogen leading to gyno and arimidex blocking estrogen its gonna be very easy for your mind to trick you into creating gyno symptoms your nips are gonna get itchy and puffy your gonna maybe even think you feel a lump you will think your way into high estrogen as you increase your AI.

Then your gonna be in hell when your E2 bottoms out. Try to keep this in mind. Everyone gave you good info

Agree 100%

Agree. Probably more than strong possibility you def will!

Oh and your shbg is pretty high you should work on getting that down. It will alow for more free test thats really the important number not the total test

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He may not be…but don’t forget that he works for you in this relationship not the other way around. It’s all about how you approach the subject with him; try not to make it sound like your second guessing him (everyone has an ego afterall); maybe something like “Hey Doc, I’ve been reading that a lot of guys on TRT complain about ‘dialing-in’ their AI doses and some of their Dr’s are opting for a SERM like Nolvadex instead…what do you think about that?”
He may shoot you down…he may not. He may want to keep you on Adex…in that case I would suggest running a very low dose for a few weeks and then getting bloods drawn privately to see where you are. Then adjust from there.
Alternatively you could order some Nolva yourself…but either way you need to take an active role in your own treatment.


thank you for explaining this to me. How would I go about getting my SHBG down? I just started my TRT journey this Monday, so all of this is new to me. Also, I know taking the prescribed 3mg a week of anastrozole is far too much, I was going to try no ai, but if needed I was considering trying .25mg twice a week to try and keep my E2 in check?

First I’d make sure you take a zma supplement. I think 90% of supplements are a waste of money except ZMA, DAA. And it just so happens those help lower shgb. (I also take CoQ10, biotin, and a multi these aren’t related tho )

Second is boron. Studies show 6mg a day greatly improved free test.

Third is gonna be diet. Your diet controls so much. Rich in protein and complex carbs low in alcohol will def help.

The fourth (and plz no one rip my head apart) I’m not suggesting you neccarily do this im just giving you info. Masteron, proviron, and a few others are shown to drastically lower shbg and open free test

E2 of 48 before TRT? Dam are you over weight? E2 is made in the body fat and with 200mg/wk of new T floating around your body you are fixing to start make a shit load of E2.
IF you are worried about Gyno add prolactin to your blood test. Your E2 and prolastin goes and stays out of range for 12 or more months its will be time to start shopping for a training bra.

No, I’m not really over weight. I have been going to the gym 5-6 days a week for about 4-5 years. I’m 6’5 and 235lbs. I do hold a little fat on my stomach, more then I would like. But I also hold a good bit of muscle. I track my macros, and do regular cardio as well. My doctor did a full panel, and I’m pretty sure he checked my prolactin but I have no idea what it was. Do you think adding in ai around .25 or .5mg would be a bad idea due to my high E2 already?

Right now the use of AI on this forum is taboo. Who the hell knows why but it is. Just read your thread. All the anastrozole haters are here well not all but most. So here’s my recommendation. Google discountedlabs and buy yourself a mini blood test. TT/FT is on sale for 30 bucks and use this code at checkout for 10% off everything ( 10percentoff ) then you decide. If you choose to take your anastrozole I will recommend no more than .25mg/wk. In 5-6 weeks from now do another mini blood test and see where you are. Post it in this thread if you like and we can tune your protocol from those bloods. BLOODS don’t lie.
Best of luck to you.

Here’s another conversation I am having you might find interesting it even has some of my blood tests posted.


alright thank you for everything. If i get the TT/FT test does that also show my E2? or is it strictly free and total test?

This gave me a good laugh. I am def a hater of anastrozole altho that’s more so when blasting I. Get annoyed when people are running 500mg+/week of test and think they need to keep thier E2 at 30 then take a shit load of adex or gain a few pounds of water and think they are gonna die with adx.

I think it can def have a place in trt. IF your able to get it dialed in just right. Altho a lot of people to preach the 20mg/nolva a day instead of adex but I think that depends on the person

I’m going to look into nolvadex. Do you feel it has less sides, or better overall?

I think if you can get away without using either of them that’s the best option.

If your only worried about gyno and your slightly higher E2 doesn’t bother you any the way to go is nolva it’s easier on the body and you don’t have to worry about crashed estrogen.

If your having issues feeling like shit from. Slightly elevated E2 then go with adex just start real low and be prepared to spend a while dialing it in a lot of trial and error and lab test

No you have to buy them all individually. That is whats great about it you only buy what you want to look at.
If you can afford it get: TT/FT/E2/SHGB/prolactin/HCT from those a total protocol can be suggested.
If you can’t get TT/FT and E2

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thats insanely cheap

are they reliable??

I am going to run a few things through them while i wait on my 90 day checkup and labs with my doc

Yes they are…they don’t actually do the tests…they just write the Dr’s order for the blood draw and test and LabCorp does the rest.

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what would be a good cheap one to grab in between meetings w my doc?


Should i get DHT and others?

what about things i dont see discussed often but are upstream? pregnalone? HGH? IGF1?

Yes it is. Buy what you can afford. What you have always wondered about. You can even checkout your thyroid. You know if your thyroid is jacked TRT doesn’t work. That is why some of these yahoos are injecting insane amounts of T and they feeling nothing.

Welcome to 2019 and no longer having to beg your PCP for outrageously expensive blood tests. Now you know how big their F-ing markup is. Like yubs says they use LabCorp one of the best labs in the US. So there is never a reason to not get bloods when things feel weird. If this is too expensive for you you shouldn’t be f-ing with T in the first place.

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what a time - to be alive