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When Someone Says, "I'm too Old for Fitness"

I tried to encourage a woman in her late fifties to try a local strength training studio, and she objected by saying, "I’m too old for fitness."
Ha! That’s one of the dumbest excuses I’ve ever heard. but I didn’t tell her that. I said, if that’s so, why does my 90 year old grandfather do it?
She ignored me. But why would someone make such a lousy excuse? Do a lot of people perceive fitness as something for young people, like going to indie rock concerts?
What would you say to someone who says they are too old for fitness?

“You’re right”


If you don’t have the motivation for this kind of thing, it’s already dead.

Nothing. It isn’t any of my business.

Who are you to say that? Maybe she’s got arthritis or nerve pain or who knows what. Maybe she’s got cancer and instead of humoring you and your ideas about what she should be doing she’s blowing you off with a simple statement that doesn’t go into any personal details she’d rather not share with you.


Yup. It’s a silly “Why don’t you like my hobby as much as I like my hobby” sorta thing.


I cant really say I’m into older chicks but I don’t judge, I’m here to help those who want help. So if you want to get her interested, next time:

Too old in your early thirties? Come on!!

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If she had some kind of pre-existing condition, she would have communicated that. It was obvious she had to think of a lousy excuse. Pre existing conditions usually exclude one from some exercises, not all of them.

As far as exercise being a hobby, I like to think of it as a hobby, but more so as a medicine. More like the Deus Ex(ercise) Machina.

How would you know any of this? Some people keep their health info very private, which is why HIPAA is such a huge deal.

What makes you think that others should share this view? I

The list of maybes is endless. Maybe she’s writing a book and completely immersed in that. Maybe she’s busy raising a child or volunteering or working. Maybe she doesn’t care about exercising because she practices jiu jitsu and just wants to break bones and choke fools.

Who fucking knows? She’s in her late 50s and uninterested in your thoughts on how she should spend her time. Why is this a problem for you?


This is where my money at.


OP, maybe offer her a chance to use your vibrating plates… Maybe some Jefferson deadlifts knowhatI’msaying???


Maybe so. Maybe a lot of things. Which is why I didn’t try and make her feel stupid. But I still like to boast about my grandpa who does it, and he even suffered a stroke 9 years ago.

To solve the problem of heart disease among other health related causes of death in America, we need more people doing regular resistance training for one thing, not fewer people.

Exercise is medicine. What makes me think others should share this view? The reality of it. You know this. You’re on an exercise enthusiasts forum. You don’t have to play devil’s advocate against general strength training.

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I think you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not arguing against exercising for anyone at any age. I’m saying that it is absurd to have a problem with how a grown woman sets her priorities, and quite pretentious to believe that she would be better off listening to you.


I get that people are hard to change. Everyone knows they need to exercise. It’s absurd to say you’re too old for fitness.

Why do you think she needs to change?

My great grandmother lived to be 99. She liked to drink whiskey, chase it with light beer, smoke cigarettes and gamble. I’m pretty sure she’d have told you to fuck off if you told her she needed to exercise.

Aaaaand we’re right back to where we started.


One slip and you fall and fracuture your hip = shitty prognosis and long rehab process and it’s too late to say you shouldve exercised to get some like healthier bones.

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I[quote=“twojarslave, post:15, topic:238524”]
My great grandmother lived to be 99. She liked to drink whiskey, chase it with light beer, smoke cigarettes and gamble. I’m pretty sure she’d have told you to fuck off if you told her she needed to exercise.

Shes sounds like a bad ass! Reminds me of my late grandmother…


I was suggesting she try it for a session and see if she likes it. It’s like renting a movie. You rent it to see if you like it.

"What makes you think she needs to change?"
Right back at you. The way you’re arguing, it’s obvious you think I should change my view of exercise.

To say “I’m too old for exercise” simply doesn’t make sense.

“I’m too old for exercise” was her polite way of saying she couldn’t give a shit.


I understand that, and I’m fairly certain she did too.

That’s not really answering the question. I was genuinely curious about your honest answer to that.

I’m sorry if that’s what you’ve understood my posts to mean. To be perfectly clear, I think exercise is great. I’ve gotten a lot of benefit from it. I think more people should do some form of it. The point I was trying to get across is that this woman, or any person for that matter, doesn’t owe you any sort of explanation about why they don’t want to exercise.

The other point is that it you’re drawing unfair conclusions and making unfair comparisons about this individual. Not everyone will exercise. Some have good reasons, some might be more like…

But either way, they don’t owe you an explanation and you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get one, especially from a woman in her late 50’s.

Glad you think more people should do some form of exercise. Me too. That’s why I offer them tools for it that they may not know about yet. If she doesn’t exercise, it might be because she hasn’t found a functional way of doing it. I don’t think anyone owes me an explanation, she just didn’t legitimately have one. People make whatever choices they want, but refusing to find a fitting form of exercise is a poor one. IMHO