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When Should I Take Protein?

When should I take protein? Before and after work out or just after?
Should I take it on the days in between the workouts or not?

I work out one day on one day off. I take Whey just after but I also take Micellar Casein. Should I take it at night only or also during the day? I am on a balanced diet of ALL meats including dairy and eggs, Veggies and lots of fruit. My goal is strength. I am doing squats, bench, deadlifts, OH presses, 90 degree BB rows. That’s all for now til the core strength is built up.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



You will probably get flamed for this post. Please use the search function and read some articles before posting.

Start with these.

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[quote]Widgeteye wrote:
When should I take protein? Before and after work out or just after?[/quote]
I’d take the whey before and during training. Having a shake after training is fine and it used to be considered “best”, but the last year or two has really shown pre- and during-training nutrition to be much more beneficial.

Depends on what/how much you’re eating on those days.

You could take the casein at night, sure. It’s not like that’s a “bad” idea or anything.

But again, it depends a bit on what else you’re eating on those days. Like Raj said, those and other articles should give you an idea of how to arrange your nutrition and supplements.