When Should I Stop Hcg?

From what I’ve read and people I’ve talked to everyone has a different opinion on when to stop hcg. I was taking it during the whole cycle 250ug 3x a week. My cycle consists of test e Mon,wed,fri, I took anavar for about the first 6 weeks at 100mg a day also. I’ve heard different opinions on when my last hcg pin should be. I’ve heard stop 1 to 2 weeks before last pin and I’ve also heard since it takes test e 2 weeks to clear out your system that I could just take my last hcg pin with my last pin of test E

just look up the half life, i don’t remember what it is, i don’t use it

Half life of hcg is 2 to 3 days

then stop 5-6 days before you take any drugs for pct, assuming that half life you posted was correct