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When Should I Start Using a Belt?


I have been training almost a year and right now im still pretty weak. 290 BP 315 SQ 375 DL 145OH. So should i start now and just use them when I get closer to my heavy sets or should i wait until my sets are heavier? I always thought that i would try to avoid them as long as i can so i could strengthen my back and abbs however at the same time i want to remain injury free.


Your stats are a lot stronger than the majority of the people in this country. I would say once you get into the 1-3 rep range to use your belt. As long as you are getting enough lower back and torso work in you will be fine.


It's a training tool, so start to use it every time you do squatting/deads. Also, I feel incredibly more stable on the military presses with a belt, give it a try,

You need to learn to use it now, so practice pushing out into and it will help you more down the line when you get stronger


but some people never use belts. so you don't need to start now or at any time. there is a series of articles that you will find if you use the in site search. i've never used a belt... have no plans to start.


Only use it when safety demands, or if you are competing (in which you want to get every spare pound you can)


Or to hold up pants. Of course that's safety as well right?


hahahahahaha... hold up my pants... Thats what my squatters ass is for. But honestly. There is nothing wrong with using one, there is nothing wrong with not using one, there is something wrong with overusing one. Thats the 'simple' answer. It is a useful training tool, but you shouldn't begin to rely on it in order to unrack the bar.


That is definitely a safety issue.

This guy WILL FIND YOU if your pants on tha ground.


important thing is DO NOT OVERUSE the belt, or become dependent upon it.
I always told myself I will begin to use a belt when I felt the need, that time still has not come yet, and I'm squating 630, have pulled 680 beltless.


It simply comes down to whether or not you decide to get one. I've never heard of anyone regretting using a belt. The problem is when you become reliant on it.