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When Should I See Results

I’m currently at the end of week 3 (I inject every Sunday, and tomorrow will be my 4th injection)of a 500mg/week test enth cycle and as of yet I have seen little in the way of changes.

I’m fully aware that many people say you won’t notice anything until around week 4, but I’m just curious. The only thing I’ve noticed is maybe slightly more endurance and morning wood.

My other question is, this was intended to be a slight cutting cycle. By that I mean, not a full cut, but I did not want to put on bodyfat as my BF was already around 15% and didn’t wanna go any higher. Despite this, I’ve heard many people telling me to up my carbs daily if I want to see any size gains from this cycle. As of right now my diet is mainly lean meats, proper fat intake and about 120-160g of carbs daily. My protein intake is always at or slightly above 400g.

I’m currently 212lbs would like to add as much mass as possible without going up in the waist. Just curious as to how others reacted to this kind of cycle/eating.

i always figure that your wasting your time unless you stack it with another anabolic like deca or eq, primo but you should still get some gains. is this your 1st cycle?

I’ve heard many people reccomend only test for a first cycle. 1.) It has great anabolic properties as well as some for fat loss and 2.) You can see how your body reacts without putting lots of different chemicals in it.

That being said: I feel my next cycles will be stacks but for my first I went with test only just to try out the waters so to speak.

So yes, it is my first cycle. Tomorrow will be the end of week 3 of a 10 week cycle.

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Okay, thanks man.