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When Should I See Results?

Hello all, my question is somewhat long so please bare with me.

Okay so, i’ve been really focusing on eating better in order to slim down my stomach of belly fat. I must mention that i am not, nor have i ever been, obese. Most people would say that i’m not even fat or chubby, but frankly that doesn’t cut it for me. I just have this very slight and very stubborn layer of fat over my lower belly, that is very noticable when i dont have a shirt on and that just makes me so self conscious and frustrated.

I’ve been eating healthy for about 2 months now i’d say and the only progress i’ve seen is my weight has dropped about 7 pounds. I am 16 years old and male going at about 5’6’’ maybe 5’7’’ and i used to weigh 140 but now i weigh 133. Since I am not obese or really fat, i’m wondering if losing that much weight in 2 months without seeing any physical change in my body is actually a bad thing. Perhaps i’m eating too little and my body is actually getting rid of muscle?

The way i’ve been eating isn’t the healthiest, i know, but it is about as much as i can do because literally 3 quarters of the food we get is from the food bank. Also, i know that i should eat more variety and switch up my meal plans, but i honestly don’t really know of any cheap, still really healthy meal plans. We simply don’t have money to buy a ton of variety or purchase an actual diet plan. But anyways, here is what i typically eat daily:

Breakfast: Post Honey nut shredded wheat, 1 cup of milk
Snack: Yoplait light yogurt
Lunch: Around 2 servings of generic chicken breasts (grilled), handful of steamed carrots, green beans, and broccoli, Emerald cocoa roasted almonds
Snack: Banana (on occasion)
Dinner: 2 eggs with salt and pepper added, 2 slices of sarah lee’s whole wheat bread, 1 provologne cheese, salad with a small handful of chopped chicken in it, and some spray dressing, and a whole tomato.

This is actually exactly what i had yesterday, but these meals do vary sometimes. Sometimes i eat things in different order, like i may eat a banana for lunch instead of a snack, or i may add a different food in now and then. But generally this is what i eat. I never eat fast food anymore, and i havent touched any ice cream or cookies or anything like that in months.

I did the math on Myfitnesspal.com and it comes out to around I think 1500 calories give or take a hundred. My BMR is 1623 calories. But i also bike to and from work/school ranging anywhere from 30 minutes - 50 minutes at an average speed of usually 16-18 mph (I have a bike computer). I know this will extend the amount of calories i can eat but i think it may be around 500 calories under already, which is where i want it to be, but i havent done the math for the added biking or anything, this is just an estimate.

So, would you guys say that this is normal for me to lose 7 pounds in 2 months given my situation? Or should i try to eat more or something? Also, when do people typically see results during a diet. I know the amount of belly fat i have is the hardest to get rid of, but i honestly expected to see better results by now. I will be patient with this, but i could really use some reassurance and guidance so that i know what to change/keep doing.

Thanks to anyone who helps!!!

Uhh… at that height and weight you might want to consider putting on some muscle first. I wouldn’t be surprised if that body fat is so noticeable because you don’t have a sufficient amount of muscle.